Our Portfolio

Media Machine

Media Machine aims at detecting mismatch between original and dubbed movie file. The mismatch can be of any type between the original and dubbed files like Faster, Slower, Left-Shift, Right-Shift etc.

Predictive maintenance

Our Predictive Services Group will assist in identifying the condition of machinery, equipment and components, allowing for proactive intervention prior to a condition escalating into a costly, reactive situation. This maintenance philosophy can be a substantial cost savings when compared against running to failure or time-based replacement costs. A proactive approach to an imminent failure will allow you to get it before it gets to you.

Text analytics for Business

Natural Language Processing(NLP) is used to process human language in order to understand it the way we do. Thanks to complex computing algorithms, a computer can process our language quickly and provide answers and results in real time. Pridesys IT Ltd. have trained professionals who can provide NLP based business analytics as good as any other top IT farms. Here, we give brief description of some (but not restricted to) of our NLP related services just to give you a hint of our capability.