Starting from the landlines, the telecom sector has developed to a position that we barely imagined. The telecom sector continues to be the epicenter of growth, innovation and disruption for the economy. However, in the last 5 years, the industry has been declining at a very slow pace. Although telephone calls continue to be the biggest revenue generator, the means of communication is shifting towards text and images from the user’s end.

With the increasing innovation and advancement, the telecom industry has been changing rapidly. With the announcement of launching 5G in 2018, the world is being more focused into a single mobile device. The 5G would be the main means of connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) and would bring along opportunities for the Telecom companies to offer more to the users. Alongside, the implementation of Big Data would make the handling of the large number of user information to be analyzed and accessed properly.

In order for the Telecom industry to acquire the market more effectively, they would have to adapt with new innovation in Machine Learning & AI, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Thing (IoT) and many more. That is where Pridesys Global LLC can help them to cope up with the ever dynamic industry.

  • The telecom sector is the epicenter of growth & innovation.
  • Advanced technologies being adapted in this industry.
  • Wireless Internet becoming the industry’s future.