Crafting the future of Intelligence

Hospitality, hotel and restaurant

The hospitality industry is much broader than it seems to be – with the market size of approximately $2.5 Trillion. The most defining aspect that makes this industry so large is the customer satisfaction. Hotels, restaurants and other elements of the hospitality industry are now focused more on how to make the customer’s stay more worthwhile and provide them with the best experience. Many hotels and restaurants are now using technology based devices to make the customers more comfortable.

Technological breakthrough like the Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to redefine the hospitality industry. Not only does it help in smart rooms, but also helps the management to understand the guest’s requirement based on his past patterns and work in such way to satisfy the customer the most. Moreover, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are also entering the Hotel Industry, learning about the customer using its data analytics platform that helps hotel staff to create a better frame of customers, eventually satisfying them trough digital assistance, experience enhancement and voice activated services.

Pridesys Global LLC has invested its resources in researching on how to develop the hospitality industry through our technological advancements and have been working to achieve this goal.

  • Market size of approximately $2.5 Trillion.
  • The industry is focused more on increasing Customer Satisfaction.
  • Technology used to make the customers more comfortable.
  • IoT and AI are used widely.