Garments Industry

The global garments industry is one of the largest industries now, valued at approximately 3 trillion dollar and contributing to about 2 percent of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Although the industry seems to be large and considered as cash cows, however coping up with the highly dynamic technology and consumer taste can be extremely difficult. Apparel manufacturers are thus relying on newer advancement in technology.

One of the upcoming big things is Big Data, which is a major development and feeds the apparel industry with a great opportunity to reach out more effectively to the customers online as well as being able to manage and analyze huge amount of consumer data. With the aid of this large chunk of data, the manufacturers can use Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence to identify and understand the buying patterns and taste of the consumers. On the other hand, cloud computing could also be a revolution to the apparel industry, which can make the connectivity of the industry stronger globally.

  • Industry valued at approximately 3 trillion dollar.
  • 2% contribution to global GDP.
  • Industry concerned with yarn, cloth and clothing.